Jammu Airport: Need Car Parking? Read This Before You Arrive
Parking Information

Car Parking On Jammu Airport

The parking at Jammu Airport is both secure and easily accessible. There are 80 parking spaces at Jammu Airport. Vehicles entering and exiting the lane upon their arrival or departure from the parking are free of charge from their entry to their exit.

However, there is no such leisure concept for any vehicle entering and exiting the lane on its arrival or departure. But, an access fee of Rs. 40 is applied on all commercial vehicles which are considered contracted vehicles in the Automobile Law when they head to the arrival area.

All those vehicles that are placed anywhere besides allocated space for vehicle parking or that are overstaying in the pick or drop zone, which in turn results in traffic will be wheel clamped (cuffed) or towed away and freed upon payment of a fine of at least Rs. 500 or as determined by AAI periodically.


The parking cost listed below will be applied to all cars accessing the allocated parking area.

Initial parking fee up to 30 minutes
Vehicle category
Price (INR)
  • Coach/Bus/Truck 30
  • Buses/ tempos/ SUVs/ minibuses 20
  • Car 20
  • Two-wheeled vehicle 10

Remember that all fees, such as GST, are included in the following parking prices.

Parking charges for the following periods ranging from 30 minutes to 120 minutes
Vehicle category
Price (INR)
  • Coach/Bus/Truck 70
  • Buses/ tempos/ SUVs/ minibuses 60
  • Car 55
  • Two-wheeled vehicle 15

Remember that the above parking charges include all relevant taxes, notably GST.