10 Most Popular Restaurants in Jammu: Check Out!

Most Popular Restaurants in Jammu

10 Most Popular Restaurants in Jammu

If you plan to visit Jammu and look for a place to eat, these 10 Restaurants will have something for everyone. You can find it all here, from the best North Indian food to mouth melting Chinese dishes. So, let's get started with it.

1. Pahalwan's Food Court

Pahalwan's food hall in Channi Himmat is among Jammu's most prominent eateries, offering vegetarian foods lovingly cooked! If you're visiting Pahalwan, don't miss out on the Pav Bhaji and Puri Channa, the most popular dishes among guests.

2. Khana Khazana

Khaana Khazana is a wonderful family eatery in the city's heart, serving superb vegan cuisine. Because it is situated in Karan Nagar, close to the Jammu Bus Terminal, the area is frequently busy with foodies looking for delectable choices.

3.Amritsari Kulcha Hut

Do you wish to try some genuine Amritsari Kulcha when visiting a city near Amritsar? If that's so, Amritsari Kulcha Hut, situated in Jammu's Trikuta shopping plaza, is a great spot to go!

4. Balgotra Vaishno Restaurant

Balgotra Vaishno Dhaba, opposite Hotel Broadway in Gumat Chowk, is another great venue to try the tastiest parathas in Jammu. When you wish to sample the true taste of Jammu in a Desi style, you can get Dhaba-style prepared meals here.

5. Nathus Rasoi

Nathus Rasoi delivers fresh-cooked North Indian food and is among the Jammu's most budget-friendly vegan eateries. Alongside your favourite type of bread, one must try dal tadka.

6. The Lime Tree

It is another excellent eatery in Jammu which has a gorgeous indoor and outdoor rooftop arrangement and serves world-class delicacies to Epicures on vacation in Jammu. One must taste their fusion cuisine created by well-known chefs in an open kitchen.

7. Falak

Falak, a gorgeous rotating eatery in Jammu, is one of its most well-known eateries, noted for its excellent tandoori kebabs and foreign cuisine. The eatery has 360-degree vistas of the bustling city of Jammu, and its expertly created menu features some of the best cuisines in the region.

8. Billu Di Hatti

This restaurant is situated on Residency Road and is one of the city's most well- known non-vegetarian eateries, featuring the tastiest liver curry and Kashmiri kebab.

9. Baron

Baron provides you with a great atmosphere, warm service, and a spectacular set-up with delectable cuisine. This good restaurant, situated in Hotel KC Residency, offers an exceptional atmosphere, ensuring that you have a fantastic time with your beloved one.

10. Ahdoos

Ahdoos is housed in the well-known Ahdoos hotel, one of Jammu's largest and most opulent restaurants. Ahdoos is famed for its bakery and eatery, where you may sample real Kashmiri food.


Jammu is a wonderful spot for food enthusiasts looking for vegetarian dishes or global cuisine with genuine tastes. So, organise a vacation to Jammu and don't miss stopping by the above- mentioned prominent eateries in Jammu.