6 Places For Shopping In Jammu 2022: Know More!

Places For Shopping In Jammu 2022

6 Places For Shopping In Jammu 2022

Are you looking to shop in Jammu? It is one of the largest trading centres in India due to its location and commercial importance.

There are certainly many places to shop around Jammu at this moment, and you may consider any of these when you think about having fun shopping in Jammu. You can buy anything from local handicrafts to household equipment to clothes. Here is the list of 6 such places.

1. Raghunath Bazaar

Named after a nearby temple, is certainly an excellent area to purchase in Jammu. This market has everything, from delectable dried fruits to the newest tech, classic apparel with exquisite needlework to beautiful shoes. You could enjoy a whole day here, strolling around the stores and dating with everything on exhibit.

2. Kashmir Government Arts Emporium

This store is a must-visit in Jammu, notably for buying antiques, blankets, and mats because it offers excellent value. These are available in various styles and colors to acquire without hesitation. In addition to this, the Kashmir State Arts Bazaar sells saffron & papier-mache crafts.

3. Bahu Plaza

Bahu Plaza is among Jammu and Kashmir's most popular e-commerce destinations, open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in Trikuta Nagar. The property is called after the neighbouring renowned Bahu Fort and has all you've ever desired. So, the next time you're in Trikuta Nagar, don't forget to swing by and check out this mall.

4. City Square Mall

This area is among the finest shopping centers in Jammu city, although it's ideal for touring with your close one.  Visitors can locate all the brands here, from regional to global, which have a wide range of collections to delight Shopaholics of all sorts.

5. JDA Complex

The JDA Complex, located in Trikuta Nagar, is a fantastic spot to purchase in Jammu city. It contains many businesses selling local goods such as woollen clothing, dry fruits, crafts, and other necessities. Admittedly, it is a one-stop store for purchasing anything at cheap costs since it saves you both effort and time by removing the need to visit various locations.

6. Wave Mall

One of Jammu's top shopping centers, this location is a magnet for shoppers of all levels and ages. It includes all the high-end companies and regionally created footwear and clothing that will capture your soul the instant you see it on the shelf. However, if you're seeking anything unique, probably head to the showrooms of well-known French brands and bring home some seriously fashionable items.


If you're a shopaholic at nature and make purchases wherever you go, you won't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure when visiting Jammu & Kashmir. The area features beautifully produced things that you can take home as souvenirs for your family members.